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Strategies & Goal

  • Enhance the level of teachers
  • Promote innovative teaching and Improve teaching quality
  • Rich teaching resources and Create high-quality learning environment
  • Carry out teaching self-evaluation mechanism
  • Build Teaching environment of globalization
  • Strong student counseling
  • Grasp the beating political and economic
  • Insight into the international situation
  • Develop a global vision
  • Create multiple learning new perspective
  • Train the talented people International political and economic analysis of globalization age 
  • Multiple cross-cutting, link up and deep training
  • Strong theoretical basis of political economy
  • Training of internationalization and knowledge of globalization
  • Train the capability of political economy analysis
  • Global View
  • Dialogue of political and economic
  • Worth of multielement
  • Future of plan
  • All English teaching, fulfill learning of globalization
  • Teachers and students live in the dorm, Create new learning guidance model
  • Go abroad in Junior year, expand the depth and visual learning
  • Active general education course and strong the education of morality and wisdom
  • Strengthen secondary courses and assessment, enhance the quality of learning