Registration for the summer session offered for prospective students (Prospective students who pass the Advanced Subjects College Entrance Exam only)

  • 2018-08-08
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1. To give prospective students a chance to take college courses in advanced, Tamkang University Lanyang Campus organized a summer session for them.
2. Course Detail:
(1) Period: August 21st to September 1st. (Week 1 are from August 20th to August 24th, and week 2 from August 28th to August 31st.)
(2) Course offered: Oral Communication in English (39 vacancies available) and Business Essentials and Entrepreneurial Management (89 vacancies available)
(3) Classroom: Oral Communication in English in CL 302; Business Essentials and Entrepreneurial Management in CL 439.
(4) Credits: Both courses are 2 credits
3. Eligibility: Prospective students of Tamkang University Lanyang Campus
4. The courses are all free and a dorm room is provided.
5. Deadline: August 14th noon. (May be earlier if there are no more vacancies available during the period.)
6 Method: Please registered with this online form:
7. Courtesy Reminder:
(1) Please do not register for the course if you cannot take it during the whole period.
(2) A dorm room is provided for all students.
(3) The score of the course will be record with other scores of the first semester of a student’s freshman year, and is count as an accumulative total of credits of the semester and average scores of all semesters.
(4) If students take the same course again in the future, the credits will not be admitted because the score of the summer session is count as the accumulative total of credits for graduation.
(5) Transcript or any certificate are not provided for students who plan not to enroll in TKU after the end of the course.
(6) A transcript will be sent to a student’s Household Register Address at the end of September. Please feel free to contact the academic affairs if you have any questions on your score.
8. Contact Person: Academic Affairs on Lanyang Campus
Ms. Yao-ting Li Tel: +886-3-9873088 ext. 7002
Mr. Jia-young Liou Tel: +886-3-9873088 ext. 7003
Department of English Language and Culture (English-Taught Program):
Ms. Shelly Huang Tel: +886-3-9873088 ext. 7159