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Future Career

Like many English majors who are not linked to a specific vocational track, ELC alumni are applying their studies in many different areas—from business, education, government, to publishing, travel, media, and communication. The answer behind this is simple—students from the ELC know how to communicate, and that’s an important talent for all kinds of jobs.
As an ELC graduate, you will have developed an awareness of the power of language, including the ability to use a wide range of vocabulary, understanding of different styles, and writing original works. You should also have developed distinctive verbal advantages and acquired skills in public speaking, group discussions and giving presentations. Your knowledge of cultures will further strengthen your analytical abilities and abilities to communicate more effectively in a global context. These qualities shall prepare you for a diverse range of professional fields and set you apart from others.
In addition, we are also dedicated to the career development of our students through providing career advice, facilitating the attendance to the annual career fair on Tamshui campus, and teaming with local employers in our internship programs.