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Vision and strategies

Quality House

Outstanding English language ability and inter-cultural communication skills have become two indispensable qualities for anyone who would like to excel in this increasingly interconnected world. In view of this, the department has the remit to nourish talents through extensive language and cultural training. Our main strategies are as follows.

1.Emphasizing on Language Proficiency and Cultural Understanding

“Language” and ‘culture’ are two equally important elements in conducting effective communication. Therefore, our courses are designed to improve students’ English proficiency in reading, listening, writing and speaking as well as train students to understand how culture affects logic, behavior and communication.

2.Using English as the medium language in teaching

English is the language we use to teach. This practice will help students think and talk in English at advanced level, including academic discussions and public speaking. Over time students will be used to adjusting tones, sentence structures, and vocabulary in accordance with different communication contexts.

3.The Mandatory Junior Year Abroad Program

It is mandatory for all Taiwanese students in our department to study abroad in their junior year. During the year abroad, students will not only take degree courses with other foreign students but also live in a foreign culture. This is a unique feature of our curriculum and students find the experience hugely beneficial to their language training and understanding of different cultures.

4.Promoting Professional English Language Certification

We understand the importance of professional language licenses in today’s job market. Therefore, the department has set particular language requirement for graduation: TOEFL ibt 71 or IELTS 6 or TOEIC 700 for students admitted from academic year 2014, and for students who are admitted after academic year 2017, the requirement has been adjusted to TOEFL ibt 78, IELTS 6 or TOEIC 750.

5.Providing Internship Opportunities for Students

Since the academic year 2014, the department has liaised with several reputable companies to provide internship for our students. The internship experience has helped many students understand the industry and what they want to do after graduation. More importantly, students are able to acquire valuable work experience and develop desirable work ethics through the internship.