Announcement for Fall 2017 Course Enrollment

  • 2017-07-19
  • Student Assistant

1. The courses can be enrolled by Web access starting from August 8th (Tue.) 12:30 p.m. to August 14 (Mon.) 11:30 a.m. Online Enrollment System: .
2. The Computer Lab B216 is open for course enrollment from August 8th to August 10th (12:30~15:30).
3. Please pay up all the arrears from the previous semester at the Office of Finance before you start the course enrollment process.
4. Students can check the course catalog starting from July 25th 10:00 am at the website Tamkang University Course Catalogs. (
5. Courtesy Reminder:
5.1 All the require courses are automatically enrolled by Office of Academic Affairs, Curriculum Division.
5.2 For senior students who plan to enroll in freshman and sophomore courses, please enroll the courses in the add/drop period, the schedule for the add/drop period will be announced.
5.3 Students have to enroll TA Drill courses by the serial number. Your present in TA Drill courses are required, time conflicts should be avoided.
5.4 For those senior or graduate students who have attended English proficiency test but failed to pass are eligible to take the "Advanced English" course. (The course will be offered by the Department of English Language and Culture in the spring semester.)
5.5 For the General Core Curriculums: "Philosophy and Religion","Arts Appreciation and Invention","Futures Studies","Civil Society and Participation", there will be additional 5 quotas provided for seniors during the add/drop period. To find the General Core Curriculums Information, please refer to TKU Course Catalogs→"Admission Requirements,Fees, Registration / Enrollment / Examination and More."→"4.Core Curriculum Information". (
5.6 Following students are authorized to have extra 6 credits for the semester: Minor, Double Major, Interdisciplinary Program, or students with previous semester score over 80.
6. The fall semester will start on September 18th (Mon.). Please check your personal class schedule on EMIS (
) .