Spring 2017 Midterm Examination

  • 2017-04-09
  • Student Assistant

I. Schedule of the exam for individual student is already available for checking on TKU School Administration System: http://sinfo.ais.tku.edu.tw/emisE/ . The same information will also be sent via webmail (School E-mail).
II. Please read the "TKU Examination Hall Regulations" carefully. Any violation of the regulation will be penalized in accordance with the TKU Regulations on Student Rewards and Sanctions
III. Examinees should remain quiet both inside and outside the examination hall, and must not chat with others or look at others' exam papers. Those who stay in the examination hall (or classroom) after handing in their exam and talk loudly or make noise, and, after being cautioned to stop, continue to do so, will be disqualified from the examination and will receive a score of zero.
IV. For exam clashes, it will be held in R-Student Activity Center (For Tamsui Campus)
1. All exam clashes will be taken as the same order displayed on the personal exam schedule.

2. Except for special requirements of a single subject, all the length of the exam are 90 minutes.
3. The maximum amount of time that students can rest in between exams is half an hour, and students may only request a rest break a maximum of one time. After being recorded by an exam monitor, the time allocated for the single rest break can no longer be changed.
4. Those with exam clashes are not allowed to leave the exam hall in between exams. During their rest break, the examinees are not allowed to chat, use mobile phones, or any other item  used  to  store  information,  communicate,  or  access  the  Internet.  Those  who violate these rules will be disqualified from the examination and will receive an exam score of zero.
5. If there are oral exam or computer generated exam, please apply at the Division of Curriculum, Office of the Academic Affairs. When taking exam at the original classroom, please remember to tell the exam monitor or the instructor. When finished, please go back to the student activity center together with the exam monitor.
V. Procedure of taking a leave:
The decision of holding a make-up exam or not is made by the instructor for midterm exam. Please give the leave sheet to the instructor if needed.