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Established on the Lanyang campus in 2005, the Department of Global Politics and Economics aims to develop globally political and economic knowledge and skills for students on the basis of holistic education. For the purpose of cultivating students’ abilities in policy analysis and recommendation, a formal education in internationally political and economic issues, foreign languages, and morality has been systematically continued.

In order to foster students’ multiculturalism, the Department is also devoted to promoting the Global Service Internship Program (GSIP). Through this project, participants are able to work in non-governmental organizations in different countries to explore cultural diversity and build a sense of humanity.

The Department, relocating back to the Tamsui campus in the August of 2022, integrated the Graduate Institute of Latin American Studies and the Graduate Institute of Japanese Political and Economic Studies for further development. The Department currently offers an English-taught bachelor’s program, a master’s program in Latin American studies, a master’s program in Japanese political and economic studies, and an e-learning executive master’s program in Asia-Pacific studies.