About Department Of Global Politics And Economics

  • 2016-06-01
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The English-taught bachelor’s program aims to develop globally political and economic knowledge and skills for students on the basis of holistic education. For the purpose of cultivating students’ abilities in policy analysis and recommendation, a formal education in internationally political and economic issues, foreign languages, and morality has been systematically continued.
In order to foster students’ multiculturalism, the Department is also devoted to promoting the Global Service Internship Program (GSIP). Through this project, participants are able to work in non-governmental organizations in different countries to explore cultural diversity and build a sense of humanity. The Program is famous for the following two features:
First, the value of the fundamental courses is underlined. All fundamental courses, including relevant concepts, theories, and practices, are highly emphasized. In conformity with regulations, students can flexibly take required and elective courses depending on their own situations to diversify their curricula.
Second, the proficiency of foreign languages is extremely considered. Foreign language skills play a significant role in modern society. The Program particularly equips students with foreign language skills for their studying abroad in the third year and future careers. As one of the most essential features in this program, English as medium of instruction helps students get used to completely immersing in an all-English learning environment.