Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs has organized a special series of Lunar New Year activities to enrich the lives of international and overseas students during the holiday period.

  • 2022-01-12
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1. The Ministry of Education recommends that overseas students avoid all unessential overseas travel so as to prevent the increased risk of spreading the virus during the winter break and to avoid the possibility of being unable to return due to restrictive travel measures, such as temporary suspensions of entry, which may be implemented due to changes associated with the pandemic.
2. As students may be unable to visit family over the holidays due to the pandemic, the International Office has organized a series of Chinese New Year activities. Aside from lessening overseas students’ sense of homesickness, the activities will give students the chance to experience Taiwanese culture during the winter break.
3. The aforementioned activities are linked to the third item in the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (health and well-being), as well as the fourth item (educational quality) and the tenth item (reducing inequality). The activity schedule is outlined in the following table, while related details and registration notices will be announced separately.
4. For all related issues, contact Cadence Wang of the International and Mainland Students
Guidance Section: Ext #3552.