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About Us

Our department

The department is one of the four departments of College of Global Development located on Lanyang Campus in Yilan County. The department admitted its first group of students back in 2005 under the name “Department of Multiculturalism and Linguistics”. In 2012, the department underwent several changes, including revision of in its curriculum and changing the name to the “Department of English Language and Culture”.
Despite those changes, the department has maintained its remit of nourishing talents through extensive language and cultural training. Therefore, from the inception of the department, we have been delivering all our courses in English and mandated that every local student in the department needs to study abroad in our sister universities in their junior year. We also believed that being able to speak English is not enough in today’s increasingly globalized world. Therefore, our courses also focus on developing qualities of the liberal arts, including appreciating culture and acquiring critical thinking abilities with particular reference to multicultural issues. Students will learn diversified cultural knowledge of the selected foreign countries and practice applying multicultural concepts, theories and analytical tools in conducting cross-cultural communication.